Martial Arts: The South Carolina Tang Soo Do Academy at The Thomas E. Hannah Family YMCA

Martial Arts: The South Carolina Tang Soo Do Academy at The Thomas E. Hannah Family YMCA

New Martial Arts program at The Thomas E. Hannah Family YMCA. The South Carolina Tang Soo Do Academy will be at the YMCA under the leadership of Zach Thomas. Training will take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sunday afternoons. Uniform is required to be purchased before beginning classes. This is an ongoing class that is paid for Monthly. Please read the bio for Mr. Zach Thomas.

Zach Thomas began studying Tang Soo Do at the age of 7 under the instruction of Grand Master Sung Duk Cho. Zach received his Cho Dan, (black belt) at the age of 16. He continued to study under Grand Master Cho until graduating high school, at which point he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.

During his service in the Marines, Zach continued to study and expand his martial arts knowledge, taking skill from not only the Marine Corps but from other martial artist from all over the world.

After completing basic training at Parris Island, SC and moving to his permanent duty station, Zach began teaching and training Marines the art of Tang Soo Do at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twenty Nine Palms, California.

In 2000, Zach, along with a group of other martial artist from across the world, was asked to take part in an experimental program to develop a style of fighting to replace what the Marine Corps had been using since the mid 1960’s. After several months of intense training this group of skilled martial artist developed what is known today as The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Today, this program is part of every marine’s training regime.

Although Zach has studied several different styles of martial arts, he believes that Tang Soo Do offers something to the practitioner that most others do not. Tang Soo Do is more than kicking and punching, it is a lifestyle. It teaches not only the art of self-defense, but also the art of gratitude, honor, discipline, courage, and respect. These life traits expand far beyond the mat and deep into one’s character. Tang Soo Do builds more that just great martial artist, it builds great people.


Monthly Martial Arts

Thomas E. Hannah
12/1/21 - 12/31/21

Karate will be offered on:

Monday’s 6:30pm—7:30pm All Belts

Tuesday’s 5:30pm—6:15pm White Belts

Tuesday’s 6:30pm—7:30pm Yellow and Above

Thursday’s 5:30pm—6:15pm White Belts

Thursday’s 6:30pm—7:30pm Yellow and Above 

**Karate is a monthly tuition**

Members $90.00 per month

Potential Members $ 110.00 per month

** Uniform and test fees are not included in the monthly fee. There is a one-time uniform fee of $55.00. (payment to the instructor)

Karate is for age 5-year and older, Adults are welcome!!




Registration Information  

Open Close Register At MemberNon-Member
12/15/20 12/31/21 Online / Front Desk $ 90.00$ 110.00

Available Sessions

Date(s) Special Rate
12/01/21 - 12/31/21
December 2021 - Mo,Tu,Th - 6:30 pm - 1 hr
$90 - $110 Register  

Women's Self-Defense Class

Thomas E. Hannah
1/10/22 - 4/30/22

The Women’s self defense program is a 16 week program designed to teach women how to defend themselves in any situation.


Awareness: Learn to read your environment and know the warning sign to look for. Learn the behavior of a “suspect”, prevention is the best defense.

Confidence: You will gain a new sense of confidence. You will go about your everyday life knowing that you have the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones if you ever needed to. Program starts with the basic of defense and progressively gets more advance over the 16wks, Don’t worry, you will be ready.

What you will get.

2 Classes each week , 16 weeks, 32 hours of instruction, class T-shirt included, certificate upon completion.

Registration Information  

Open Close Register At MemberNon-Member
11/4/21 1/9/22 Online / Front Desk $ 300.00$ 300.00

Available Sessions

Date(s) Minimum Deposit
01/10/22 - 04/30/22
Winter - Mo,Fr - 7:00 pm - 1 hr
$ 150.00 Register